Do you “work to live” or “live to work”?

Some people will be looking forward to go home after a hard day at work and find a loving wife or husband waiting for them, while others are just happy to go to work and nothing else matters. Which type are you? 

We sometimes say that we are married to our job, but we tend to mean it in a negative way. But in other countries like Thailand, this expression (“Thang kub ngaan”) is used in a loving way, the same way we would refer to being married to someone we love deeply. When they say you are married to your work, they mean that you are in love with what you do (oh well, that’s good, isn’t it?

Other might say that if you are enjoying your work too much, you are probably not working hard enough. Some might use the word workaholic with a negative connotation. I think that a workaholic is someone who works long hours to prove himself or become successful.

You might be the person who manages to find the right balance in life, that is good! Unfortunately not everybody manages to do so and some find themselves trapped in a work routine and they go back home and all they do is talk about work and forget to appreciate the world around them. (That will eventually lead to a lot more complications and issues in their love life.)

But the real question is this… Can you truly find a balance? Because balance is just like two people on opposite ends of a seesaw. One is up when the other is down. So how do you manage to find the right balance? Some will try but will not manage to do so and that is why they integrate their loved ones into their work life and that will allow them to have more time together.

We tend to use the phrase “Work hard, Play harder.” and that helps us learn how to find the right balance. We can sacrifice part of the day so that we can enjoy other parts of the day.

Do you “work to live” or “live to work”?
Its your choice really.


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