Do you really need it?

We work hard, strive to become the best and we always want bigger things in life… that is how we photographers and videographers look at life.

You bought your first dslr and you are feeling so cool, you post it on facebook and let the whole world know that you are now a professional photographer.

Days, weeks and months pass by and you realise that with the kit lens you cannot capture those amazingly nice photos you see on the internet. You are so limited with those boring dark photos. So you go on ebay or amazon and search for the most expensive lens available…

“okay great.. i think this lens is good enough for me!” 

“wow, I think I would be able to capture some great shots with this lens”

“I will start posting my work on facebook and will get hundreds of likes with this lens” 

One problem, you go check your bank account and realise that you do not afford that lens! Oh no! How are you going to capture those awesome moments now?

I have been working in this industry for the past ten years now and guess what? I am still learning new things. Your first step should be very easy. Learn how to use your camera to the full. Learn what each and every button does. Pratice, Pratice and Pratice. Obviously a good telephoto lens helps a lot but some photographers are able to shoot a good photo even with their mobile. You can also use some other telephoto lenses as an alternative and you still manage to get some nice results.

Keep believing in yourself. Keep working hard. Keep chasing your dreams. Success will follow soon after.

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